Learning is Powerful



Tiffani McGriff is learning how to manage her own finances through Real$ense financial workshops, including the Money Smart series and Money Habitudes through Parent University. Financial workshops are taught by Anita McKinney and other financial educators coordinated through the Duval County Extension Service.

“The first class I took – Parent University – has revolutionized my life,” said McGriff. “I plan for our expenses, we pay cash for everything and we have an emergency savings account for the very first time.”

Tiffany said Real$ense changed the way she thought about birthdays, Christmas and new purchases. She said Real$ense has taught her simple ideas that she had never thought about.

“I’ve changed the way I handle money,” she said. “Now I’m better prepared and we’re not using our credit cards.”

She was planning on purchasing a home one day, but the tools and tips she learned at Real$ense made her family more ready when the time came to buy a family home unexpectedly.

“I think Real$ense gave us the tools to accomplish our goals. Knowledge really is power.”

In 2013, Tiffany and her husband are going to close on their first home and be credit card debt-free. They have already starting to think about how to invest the monthly surplus they used to put towards paying debt.

“Before Real$ense, life was a struggle. There were a lot of restless nights. But thinking about how much we’ve accomplished this year, it gives me peace. Thinking about our emergency savings being there if we have an emergency – that’s about as peaceful as you can get.”

Tiffany says she stays in touch with Real$ense and subscribes to the monthly newsletter to find new programs that can benefit her.

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